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A simple Saturday message: Time to be Inspired

InspirationTonya Dieterlen

I have been excited working on my business over the past several months. I've put in a ton of hours learning "all the things" media, blogging, programing/coding (albeit, minimal amounts), and learning how to implement strategy. I find it is SO much fun.

However, my creative mind, sometimes just needs some white space. A place I can go to just let all the air out of the pressured balloon of my brain. SO I went to a couple of my favorite stores, TJ Maxx, and Michael's. It was a short trip, but long enough for me to take in some inspiration. LOOK at these Christmas greens! Gorgeous!!! 

I also got to take a trip to a local craft fair where a friend had an adorable booth, full of painted window & doors. Again, inspiring. It was a bright sunny day, slightly breezy and the corn was ready for harvest. Vivid blues and warm yellows & greens. Oh, so yummy! Pumpkins and Orchards. Anyway, my message today is: TAKE THE TIME TO BE INSPIRED. Happy Weekend, ya'll!  love Tonya