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It's Election time! NO, not that one...this one is SUPER-FUN!

Holiday Decorations, Holiday 2018 CatalogTonya DieterlenComment

It's ELECTION time - no, not THOSE elections - this is a FUN one!! You know those plain white baker's boxes in the Holiday Catalog - well - here are some ideas that you can do with them (created by girls on our team!) Vote in the comments below for which is your favorite! And maybe order some yourself and see how CREATIVE you can be!

A. Apple Mini Basket  B. Light up Village  C. Bright Bulb Box

A. Apple Mini Basket

B. Light up Village

C. Bright Bulb Box

D. Starbucks Gift Card  E. Snowman Snowflake  F.Minnie’s Firework Oreos

D. Starbucks Gift Card

E. Snowman Snowflake

F.Minnie’s Firework Oreos

White Pumpkins visit the WonderBasement...

Holiday DecorationsTonya Dieterlen

Oh. My. Word. I LOVE these little white pumpkins! They are SO adorable. I've been eyeing them for a couple of years, and I could never find them in the craft stores the size I wanted. This year, I seem to be able to find them everywhere. I purchased a couple of large foam pumpkins. But then, I stopped at Menard's and found these wittle, white, wadorable,, em...I mean I found these adorable small white pumpkins. For 1.99! They had found a home...a forever home....well, hopefully, at least forever, until Thanksgiving. 

White mini-pumpkins go glam!

You see, I like decorating for the Holiday's. I really, really do...but when my boys were about mid-way through elementary school, I thought to myself, "I can't keep this schedule of re-decorating the house at every. single. Holiday". SO, I look for things that I love, that also can be squeezed out for more Holidays than just one. 

For example, if you notice, the same red that is used in Christmas ribbon is the EXACT same color red that is used for Valentine's Day! You just add some pink and purple with the red....violå!... Valentine's Day!

We like to celebrate Halloween, but I hate the thought of putting up Halloween decor, and in less than a month pulling it down and replacing with Thanksgiving decor. SO, these little white pumpkins, well, I think they'll make the transition flawlessly. And a white pumpkin wreath! Oh, my! {{{love}}} My creative juices are flowing! A white pumpkin gives an honorable nod to Halloween, passes seamlessly to Thanksgiving, and might even survive the season into Winter! Well, they are actually pumpkins, so I don't know how long they will actually last, but the thought of getting possibly 2-3 months out of a decoration AND it looks like I really am in the ((insert Holiday here)) spirit! I love win, win, win!!!! 

Washi your pumpkins with Glam

In order to give my little white pumpkins the proper festive air, I decided to turn to my washi tape. Not just any washi tape, but this gold, copper, silver and black delicious washi tape! Stampin'Up! washi tape! 

I cleaned my pumpkins well, and dried them off and let them air dry for a little bit. I wanted the surface to be completely dry, because sometime washi can roll off when the surface is damp. Then, I just started at the top and pressed the washi down the side of the pumpkin, following the ridges and groves of the fruit. I just kept going until I got the pattern and look I wanted...I'm sorry, I can't tell you what your "look" just one of those things you'll know it when you see it! 

Mini-white pumpkins, for more than just one holiday!

My hubby even loved them so much, he had to go back to the store and he bought me FIVE more pumpkins to decorate! I love it when a plan comes together better than you planned. :) I hope this little project will bring you some much needed relief from feeling like every Holiday you have to decorate/undecorate/decorate again. It really is exhausting and some of that stuff is not necessary to have a happy, festive holiday! love, Tonya