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Tonya Dieterlen Independent Stampin'Up! Demonstrator

Are you a Pioneer???? Yes? Check out below!

Tonya Dieterlen

What do I mean, you ask??? Well, are you one who LOVEs to be the first one on the block with the latest techno-gadget, or appliance--think keruig or the soda machine or that cool new ice maker that gives you chewy ice!! Honestly, that is me to a "t"! I just love being the "pioneer" in so many ways. I love to begin new projects, I love to organize new groups, I love to start new studies and classes. I get a rush with organizing all the fun new-ness AND learning all the things that go along with it! I think it boils down to how much I love to learn.

With that in mind, check out the offer below. If you want to get your hands on these before the general public and you are willing to test them out and give feedback on what you love about them, THIS OFFER IS FOR YOU! 

If you have questions about becoming a demonstrator, you can check out my blog post below. If you still have more questions, shoot me an email or fb message and I'll be glad to talk shop. This business has so much to offer!! Not only if you are looking to build a profitable business, but if you are a new or experienced crafter and you want to learn how to use the best products in the craft/art industry, or if you just want to gather with other creative-like-minded individuals. I'd love to have you join! Fun! Fun! Fun!!!