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October Paper Pumpkin KIT = FABULOUS!!!!

Tonya Dieterlen

Here is a great unboxing video of exactly what is in the October Paper Pumpkin Kit. If you been following me for a while, you'll know of all things: I'm honest. I tell you like I see it. If I think something is sub-par, I will let you know. If I think something is SUPER-duper, FANTABULOUS and stinkin' amazing and cute....AND YOU NEED TO RUN, not walk or dilly-dally, you will know that, too!! 

This kit, with all the hype SU! has had around it, TRUELY lives up to the expectations. It's ADORABLE, EASY and you are going to LOVE it!!! 

SO, my advice this morning....because tomorrow will probably be too late...(remember, I am HONEST) 

I'm going to be working on a variation of this kit if for some chance you don't need the cards and you'd prefer something different, like holiday table decor or home decor! Stay tuned to see what fun happens today. 

If for some reason, this kit sells out today, don't despair!!! Sign up for the November kit RIGHT NOW!!! I'm confident it will be JUST as fabulous!!! Seriously, DO. IT. NOW.  :)

Christmas, and a craft show and craft "flow"...

Tonya Dieterlen

These little ornaments came together pretty quick and I'm so GLAD to use up my supply of cork circles I purchased originally, for a wedding project. It's one of those things that has been stuck in the back of my crafting cabinet for a couple of years, and I always open the cabinet...and there they are staring at me. "What are you going to do with me?", they ask, like sassy little smartie-pants. I do what any good crafter does and ignore them, or look directly at them and threaten to give them a nice long toss into the trash!

I applied for a craft show this week. Over in Franklin, IN on November 11. I'll share more details out after I've heard back from the organizers. It's juried, which means they screen all the applicants. I hope to know more next week.

However, just sending in the paper work has motivated me to get all my "extra" raw materials out and play, create and MAKE something! I've been quite a raw material collector! *blush*

It's felt good to get everything out and challenge myself to create with what I already have at my fingertips. Ever since my snow globe discovery (here), I've been in what people in the "biz" call "flow"....hahahaha....that sounds so funny. But, there is some truth to creatives being "in the flow".

Some days it takes all I can do to spit out a simple card. Other days, I can produce new things, that leads to more new things, that leads to exciting new things. It's been a week of both.  Talk about creative whiplash! I wanted to share some of the things I'm doing. I hope you are inspired to pull out your stash and PLAY a little. I wish you a weekend of being in the "flow" ofyour current project. 

Here's some of the magic happening in the WonderBasement! Enjoy! Tonya

By the way, Stampin' Up! has a 2" hole punch that works marvelously for punching this paper out....I realized this shortly after tracing the cork circles!

By the way, Stampin' Up! has a 2" hole punch that works marvelously for punching this paper out....I realized this shortly after tracing the cork circles!

Corks and glue and trees
Diarama Ornament
I bleached green bottle brush trees....this should come with warning: It's addictive!!!!

I bleached green bottle brush trees....this should come with warning: It's addictive!!!!

Season to Sparkle

Tonya Dieterlen

Such a versatile stamp set! It includes Halloween, Christmas, Hang in there, and Valentine's Day! Love, love, love how it's designed. Check it out!

Season to Sparkle 1
Season to Sparkle

Repotting my succulents: Almost as fun as playing with glitter!

Tonya DieterlenComment
the WonderBasement Succulents

Wonder if I could glitter a succulent? Hummm....

Seriously, I love succulents. I wasn't much into plants while the kids were little. I just couldn't give them the attention they needed while tending the children. And with boys, everything is a target for throwing a ball of some-sort, ultimately ALWAYS landing on something breakable and dirty...and I just didn't want to deal with the mess. 

But now, I can't get enough! However, I'm kinda cheap. I live in the Midwest and we can't have succulents outside all year long, and they apparently don't get out to the local big-box stores very much. When they do, they are outrageously priced. So I have purchased 2 or 3 when I see special ones that I REALLY love. The rest I tend to pick up on clearance....the kind that no one else wants and that look just this side of the pearly gates! However, I have LOTS of patience. I am learning how to propagate and I've been successful in the first part, where you take off leaves and let them sit until little roots start growing. I'm still getting the hang of it. 

New little baby succulents

I have great hopes of having a whole slew of the lovelies  so I can make a living succulent wreath. I have my heart set on it. But I'm going to need A LOT. I maybe a couple of summers away, but I am determined! Do you know anything about succulents??? Do tell, any recommendations?

A snow globe and stamping??? Oh, yeah!

Tonya Dieterlen

I made a little discovery this past week and I'm so excited to share with you! I was playing with the SU! treat tubes, filling them with fun treats and gifts. I put some glitter inside and was trying to figure out a way to drop some cute little sequins and shapes inside...and I had a brain blast?! What if I could make a snow globe, of sorts with the treat tube? Could it be done? Would I possibly have everything I need to create this masterpiece of creativity???

Okay, ya'll know if you have this great crafty idea, for you to actually have ALL the elements to make said idea is clearly a sign from above that YES, you are suppose to make this amazing little item. Oh, the joy of looking at online instructions to see all you need to create a snow globe is a waterproof container,  water, glycerin or corn syrup and a way to seal the container. My brain was pumping and firing on ALL creative cylinders and...and...well, this!

Easy Peasy Directions: I filled the container up to about 1/4" away from the bottom of the cork stopper, then added 10 drops of glycerin, and SU!'s dazzling diamonds glitter. Look at that SPARKLE!!

Oh, then I thought what if I would add some ink to color the water??? 3 drops of Pool Party re-inker and BOOM! What a lovely shade of Caribbean blue!  I sealed the cork with a little hot glue around the cork and pressed it into the top.

It was SO much fun to make. I plan on making these at several gift classes AND wouldn't this be cute for a little girl's mermaid party?! They make super cute ornaments, too. 

I couldn't stop with just one! I made another with water tinted pink, then put some red seed beads and punched window sheets. I used the Seasonal Chums stamp set and sat the snowman on top of some White embossing paste and sprinkled it all with GLORIOUS dazzling diamonds glitter. 

What has been your latest, greatest crafting creation??? Tomorrow I'll share a little video of these beauties in action!!! love, Tonya

SU! Seasonal Chums

Wonder what we DO at a Mini-Camp?? Here's a peek!

Tonya Dieterlen

We just finished up a Mini-Camp class on Wednesday and I wanted to give you a peek into what goes on at these fun events! We make 3-4 quick, simple projects. First of all we have a wonderful time! It's definitely a girls night out with coffee, and some chocolate. I've got all the project's paper cut and ready to stamp, so you do all the fun stuff. This night we made cute little treat bags with the Creep It Real stamp set. I can't wait to hand these out to some of my favorite friends!

Wonderbasement mini-camp

My favorite part was coloring the teeth with watercolor pencils and a blender pen....I imagined what teeth a dentist might see after a weekend of chomping on all kinds of candy! So they were a little dinghy and little gross. Because, well, Halloween! 

SU! Creep it Real Stamp set
Back of treat bag Creep it Real

And LOOK what I got to put in the treat bag!! Yes, gummy teeth!!! How hilarious is that?! This whole post makes my own teeth cringe just a little. I got them at our local TJMaxx. They have the best novelty items. So much fun! Here's the other treat we made with some Pumpkin Spice Latte mix from Starbucks....we keep it classy around here! HAHAHAHA! This little treat was shared with me by my friend Cheri of Cheris Cards.

The Halloween Card was a creation shared with me from Stampin' Up! corporate. They send us great ideas as demonstrators. If you ever get stuck with stampers block, (it's real, ya'll) you can whip out some of our corporate correspondence and just copy a card. They make it so easy to create! If you are interested in becoming a demonstrator, I'd love to share more of the fun with you!! You can check out the details on my website >>> Here! If you like to chat with me, don't hesitate to send me an email or fb message @thewonderbasement page on facebook. 

The final Thankful card was a creation out of my head! See, I told you if you get stuck, copy something and that usually gets your creative juices flowing! Anyway, we had a great time and everyone felt accomplished and we can't WAIT for the Holiday Mini-Camp coming up on October 25! 


Here is a list of products we used at this Mini-Camp. You can click on any item to order though my Stampin' Up! website.

Last Day for World Card Making Day Specials! 10.10.2017!

Tonya Dieterlen
The FAST fuse is sold out! 10/5/2017

The FAST fuse is sold out! 10/5/2017

Don't miss out on these great stamp sets offered at a great price! I had to order the Brightly Lit Christmas, Colorful Seasons and the Birthday Delivery. The Coordinating DSP is included in the Buy 3 Get 1 Free, special! Great time for Great products! Be looking for some fun projects with these adorable sets. Photos linked to sale site. Happy Stamping! Tonya

White Pumpkins visit the WonderBasement...

Holiday DecorationsTonya Dieterlen

Oh. My. Word. I LOVE these little white pumpkins! They are SO adorable. I've been eyeing them for a couple of years, and I could never find them in the craft stores the size I wanted. This year, I seem to be able to find them everywhere. I purchased a couple of large foam pumpkins. But then, I stopped at Menard's and found these wittle, white, wadorable,, em...I mean I found these adorable small white pumpkins. For 1.99! They had found a home...a forever home....well, hopefully, at least forever, until Thanksgiving. 

White mini-pumpkins go glam!

You see, I like decorating for the Holiday's. I really, really do...but when my boys were about mid-way through elementary school, I thought to myself, "I can't keep this schedule of re-decorating the house at every. single. Holiday". SO, I look for things that I love, that also can be squeezed out for more Holidays than just one. 

For example, if you notice, the same red that is used in Christmas ribbon is the EXACT same color red that is used for Valentine's Day! You just add some pink and purple with the red....violå!... Valentine's Day!

We like to celebrate Halloween, but I hate the thought of putting up Halloween decor, and in less than a month pulling it down and replacing with Thanksgiving decor. SO, these little white pumpkins, well, I think they'll make the transition flawlessly. And a white pumpkin wreath! Oh, my! {{{love}}} My creative juices are flowing! A white pumpkin gives an honorable nod to Halloween, passes seamlessly to Thanksgiving, and might even survive the season into Winter! Well, they are actually pumpkins, so I don't know how long they will actually last, but the thought of getting possibly 2-3 months out of a decoration AND it looks like I really am in the ((insert Holiday here)) spirit! I love win, win, win!!!! 

Washi your pumpkins with Glam

In order to give my little white pumpkins the proper festive air, I decided to turn to my washi tape. Not just any washi tape, but this gold, copper, silver and black delicious washi tape! Stampin'Up! washi tape! 

I cleaned my pumpkins well, and dried them off and let them air dry for a little bit. I wanted the surface to be completely dry, because sometime washi can roll off when the surface is damp. Then, I just started at the top and pressed the washi down the side of the pumpkin, following the ridges and groves of the fruit. I just kept going until I got the pattern and look I wanted...I'm sorry, I can't tell you what your "look" just one of those things you'll know it when you see it! 

Mini-white pumpkins, for more than just one holiday!

My hubby even loved them so much, he had to go back to the store and he bought me FIVE more pumpkins to decorate! I love it when a plan comes together better than you planned. :) I hope this little project will bring you some much needed relief from feeling like every Holiday you have to decorate/undecorate/decorate again. It really is exhausting and some of that stuff is not necessary to have a happy, festive holiday! love, Tonya

A simple Saturday message: Time to be Inspired

InspirationTonya Dieterlen

I have been excited working on my business over the past several months. I've put in a ton of hours learning "all the things" media, blogging, programing/coding (albeit, minimal amounts), and learning how to implement strategy. I find it is SO much fun.

However, my creative mind, sometimes just needs some white space. A place I can go to just let all the air out of the pressured balloon of my brain. SO I went to a couple of my favorite stores, TJ Maxx, and Michael's. It was a short trip, but long enough for me to take in some inspiration. LOOK at these Christmas greens! Gorgeous!!! 

I also got to take a trip to a local craft fair where a friend had an adorable booth, full of painted window & doors. Again, inspiring. It was a bright sunny day, slightly breezy and the corn was ready for harvest. Vivid blues and warm yellows & greens. Oh, so yummy! Pumpkins and Orchards. Anyway, my message today is: TAKE THE TIME TO BE INSPIRED. Happy Weekend, ya'll!  love Tonya


Are you a Pioneer???? Yes? Check out below!

Tonya Dieterlen

What do I mean, you ask??? Well, are you one who LOVEs to be the first one on the block with the latest techno-gadget, or appliance--think keruig or the soda machine or that cool new ice maker that gives you chewy ice!! Honestly, that is me to a "t"! I just love being the "pioneer" in so many ways. I love to begin new projects, I love to organize new groups, I love to start new studies and classes. I get a rush with organizing all the fun new-ness AND learning all the things that go along with it! I think it boils down to how much I love to learn.

With that in mind, check out the offer below. If you want to get your hands on these before the general public and you are willing to test them out and give feedback on what you love about them, THIS OFFER IS FOR YOU! 

If you have questions about becoming a demonstrator, you can check out my blog post below. If you still have more questions, shoot me an email or fb message and I'll be glad to talk shop. This business has so much to offer!! Not only if you are looking to build a profitable business, but if you are a new or experienced crafter and you want to learn how to use the best products in the craft/art industry, or if you just want to gather with other creative-like-minded individuals. I'd love to have you join! Fun! Fun! Fun!!!

How do I color my stamped images??? OH, let me count the ways!

Tonya DieterlenComment

Hey ya'll, how ya doing? It's been a rainy Thursday today, and I've been in a little bit of a funk. I had a meeting planned with some friends/coworkers to work on stamp creations :) That always makes my day better! I expressed my hum-ho mood and like any good friend,  they told me to just start coloring.

What a great idea!!  You know what I mean? Some days you just need to let your brain, body, spirit rest and get back to a good place. I have loved to color since I can remember. and I LOVE color in general. You hang around here long and you'll get the "I LOVE COLORS" vibe! It's so relaxing to me. I realize that it might not be everyones favorite activity, and so I decided to make my coloring productive by sharing some tips on using each of the different products, and how to get the best results with each! These pens and pencils are some of my favorite! 

Over the next few days, I'll post quick tip videos for each method. I took virtually the same image (DSP Just Cdd Color Specialty Paper) and use three different coloring mediums. Blenders, alcohol markers (these are ONLY available if you sign up to become a demonstrator and order before October 10th). Watercolor pencils and a Blender Pen, which was added to the SU! product line in Spring last year. AND finally,  the Stampin' Write Stampin' markers, which are watercolor markers. Each have their own benefits, and techniques. Like I said, I love all three, but for different reasons and effects. Here are the pictures:



Can you guess which one was colored with which product?? Let me know what you think and I'll show you more tomorrow!! Happy Stamping!

Pick A Pattern DSP & some other Cool Paper!

Tonya Dieterlen
Take a look at the Designer Series Paper that is on sale this month! There are SO many favorites! One of my favorites is the Pick A Pattern DSP. It's SO adorable and such happy colors! I made a cute little framed art piece that uses this paper and the stamp set that goes with it is on sale as well! Just Add Text, 143934 wood block, 143934, suggested clear blocks: c & d.

Take a look at the Designer Series Paper that is on sale this month! There are SO many favorites! One of my favorites is the Pick A Pattern DSP. It's SO adorable and such happy colors! I made a cute little framed art piece that uses this paper and the stamp set that goes with it is on sale as well! Just Add Text, 143934 wood block, 143934, suggested clear blocks: c & d.


October Coffee Cafe, Holiday Olé!

Tonya Dieterlen

If you are like me, you enjoy a good cuppa joe, and by joe I mean strong, delicious, aromatic coffee or espresso! Yummo!!!! Now I have those friends who can't stand the stuff, so if that's you, just replace coffee with your favorite beverage. I won't look, or cry. ;) I want to share with you today, a great stamp set that happens to be ON SALE right now through October 10th. It's the Coffee Café set. It also comes in a bundle and has a coordinating Holiday set in the Holiday Catalog. I LOVE it SO much! Take a look at the cute paper too! It's included in the buy 3 get one free special this month (1-31st)! 


October Fun! DAY 1

Mini-Stamp Camp ProjectsTonya Dieterlen

The cat punch will make you, meow-meow, want a new kitty, MEOW! And look whoooo's just hanging out on the spooky tree branch. I love owls! The lamp posts and the headstones get a creepy vibe by using the Many Marvelous markers. Look for a quick tutorial on theWonderBasment FB page, tomorrow (October 2, 2017) on how to achieve the night time atmosphere. It's quick, easy and you won't believe how I did it.

This is an up close view, just add adhesive on either side of the candy & adhere the punched kitties. Easiest, cutest, quickest treat ever made! Thanks to my friend & sistah demo.  Susan M. Smith  for sharing it with me!

This is an up close view, just add adhesive on either side of the candy & adhere the punched kitties. Easiest, cutest, quickest treat ever made! Thanks to my friend & sistah demo. Susan M. Smith for sharing it with me!



Tonya Dieterlen

Happy October!!! This month is FULL of great Stampin’Up!® specials and events. I can’t wait to share all of it with you. My goal this year is to earn the Greek Isles Incentive trip offered to qualifying demonstrators. I'm so excited about it! It will mine & Jeff's 30th wedding anniversary in 2019 and my boys have graduated from high school & college! How did THAT happen????? I am pursuing this dream with all my heart. I love to create and I want to share what I love with every person I know. It's part of my taking the WonderBasement online to the world! Come join me! 

FIRST OF ALL... Have you ever thought of becoming a SU! Demonstrator??? Well, TODAY is the day! October 1st 2017. There are so many reasons to join my team today. I couldn’t keep it to just a few benefits, so here are the

TOP TEN BENEFITS to JOIN my WonderBasment's TEAM.

Besides the fact that I would LOVE to work with you!

  1. Stampin’ Up! Blends are available to DEMONSTRATORs only form October 1-10th. They are available to purchase with your STARTER KIT!!! WHAT?!? BE a part of the testing of this exciting new product.
  2. Just for signing up from October 1-10, you will receive an extra $25 from me after you place your first order, then ANOTHER $25 from me when you sell your first $1000!!!! Which is easy, peasy, this time of year! HoLLa, FIFTY DOLLARS!!!!
  3. IF you sign up ON OCTOBER 1st, you can come to a Demonstrator hang-out & Holiday event on the 2nd , and make 9 projects that you can feature at your first event!!
  4. The BEST selling season of the year is HERE! October through December has all the Fall & Holiday cozy feels! It presents opportunity after opportunity to build your business or pay for your hobby! Win! Win! Win!
  5. You have SIX months to meet a $300 quarterly minimum! That’s right, you have SIX months to purchase $300 to maintain your active status with SU! It’s a very low minimum for those of you who LOVE to craft with paper!! We spend that much on an impromptu trip to M or HL!! (sometimes in ONE month!)
  6. You will get to attend the On-Stage Stampin’Up! Event virtually online at NO cost! See the new and upcoming products and get the low-down on the 2nd quarter specials and products.
  7.  You will get 20% off any of your personal purchases
  8. You receive 2 free months of the Demonstrator Business Website, which allows you to take online orders…again adding to your bottom line.
  9. You will get access to the SU! Demonstrator Website, Stampin’ Up!  FB Groups, my upline FB group. You will also receive the Succeed Weekly email, AND receive Stampin’ Success! These provide tons of ideas on what to make at your events, techniques that are popular and how to implement successfully!
  10. And best of all You can be a part of the WonderBasement TEAM!!!! I’m all about building a business with Strategy. I’m learning new ways to spread the joy of stamping and build a profitable business. I want to share that with you. Come along for special team meetings where we talk strategy and get creative.

Go here to sign up TODAY! JOIN MY TEAM!

It’s going to be SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!!!


Today through October 31st, you can purchase select packs of DSP on a BUY 3, get 1 FREE!

Stamp Camp & Open Studio

Stamp Camp ProjectsTonya Dieterlen
Camp project No. 1

Camp project No. 1

This year's theme for classes and blogs and info galore is:


I'm sure you might have art supplies and stamps, that you may have NO idea why you purchased it or if you remember, you've forgotten all the ways you can use it. I don't know about you, but if I don't use it, I completely lose it!  Can you relate?

This craf-tabulous year we are going to explore all those long-forgotten items, get them out and PLAY, PLAY, PLAY! And then, we'll add some things from the NEW SU! Catalog to add a little sparkle.

Over the past couple of years during my unplanned "sabbatical" (that’s a story for another time), I have taken several art courses and experimented with art supplies. Did you know that Stampin’Up! is practically an ART STORE? I realized this as I looked around at all my “stampin’” supplies. I’ve collected some of the greatest art supplies—some I didn’t know how to use. Stampin’ Up carries the BEST inks, Markers, ribbon, paper, and stamps on the market!

As I learned how to use my supplies in new ways, I got so excited to make new projects. My mind has been whirring with all the fun projects I want to share with YOU! We are going to make projects that take you out of your comfort zone, and allow you to see how to use the materials you have on hand. I hope you’ll take some time for yourself and join me in the WonderBasement for some fun classes! Can you say, cards, journals, and watercolor--oh, my!

Right now, I offer in-person classes. But soon, VERY SOON, I will be offering online classes. (estimated arrival of online classes—August 2017)

This summer and I'm super excited about the WonderBasement offereings! I'm holding Camp and Open Studio on the same day. 1-4pm, will be Stamp Camp, and 3-8pm will be Open Studio. 

Summer Schedule:

Saturdays: June 17, July 22, August 26

Stamp Camp: This is where you come and make 5-8 projects that I have created. I prep the supplies so you can assemble the projects quickly while learning a new technique. It’s a fun way to experiment with some of the SU! products you might not ordinarily be drawn too. Projects might include cards, boxes, tags, bags, or home décor (like a banner or small framed art pc).

Open Studio: You can bring something you want to work on, or a project you need some assistance in completing. You may use any of my non-consumable products; ie, punches, stamps, framelits, or thinlits. If you are working on a special project and need some inspiration, let me know and I can consult before-hand to make your time productive!

Cost for the day is $125;         Cost for Stamp Camp or Open Studio separately is $65 each. 

Must RSVP. Please email or contact me through FB messenger.

What is The WonderBasement???

Tonya Dieterlen
I need to see what tools I have, so I use a very visual organization method.

I need to see what tools I have, so I use a very visual organization method.

What is The Wonderbasement??

The Wonderbasement was born many years ago. My boys were about 3 & 6 years old when I fell in love with scrap-booking and rubber stamping. I began making cards and teaching classes in all things papercraft and stamping. My obsession wasn’t limited to just paper, I loved home décor and anything thing I could get my creative hands on to stamp, color, paint, stencil, glue, etc. I became a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and set up a small studio in our living room.

When we bought our house, in ahem, 1989, it was a basic 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch with a full, unfinished basement. Built in 1978, the basement had been studded and plumbed for a bathroom and kitchen and a couple of more bedrooms, in addition to the full family room area. It was also a walk-out. We knew that someday we’d have children and possibly have one of our parents living with us. My dad, was had Multiple Sclerosis and we wanted to purchase a home that had options.

For the first 10 years or so, we used the basement as a storage place for various tools, furniture, etc. I also used it as a staging & workshop area for a floral & Christmas decorating business. Around the 10 year mark or so, I had started at least 2 businesses (more like 4), and the kids were rambunctious little boys. I worked from home with the boys by my side. As I grew my stamping business, I would have classes during the day and in the evening. I needed more space for the kids to be able to play and the moms be able craft…both in a safe, fun and happy environment.

Half of the basement was dedicated to the kids toy room and movie area. The other half was the mom’s craft and coffee drinking space! Most of my customers were other moms like me. We all needed some fun adult conversation, encouragement, and a place for the kids to romp and play and burn some energy for the afternoon nap! It was playgroup on steroids for mom and kids alike!

When the boys entered school, it became the place of PTO committee meetings, church meetings, bible studies. Served as the meeting place for several boards and organizations with which I’ve been involved. After several years of hosting friends, playgroups, bible studies, life-groups, Easter egg decorating parties, cookie baking days, super-bowl parties, birthday parties, graduation parties, and having many people over, someone called it the WONDER-basement! And it stuck.

The wonder-basement. The WONDER-Basement. THE WONDER-BASEMENT. Yes. It. Is.

WB Studio 1

Now it serves a space for my Art Studio, my 23 year old son’s office, my husband’s office. Our family has a variety of interests: Mine is art, mixed media, jewelry making, and art.  Joey (23) is a video game designer, and my husband has his electronic hub, office and eBay store. Patrick (20) is a college Sophomore studying Film Production, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a temporary film studio at some point!

I always wanted our home to be the center where life happened. I wanted all the neighborhood kids to hang out at our house. I wanted to feed them and love them and give them an environment that was fun, safe and peaceful. I did that for my family, and what happened was, it became everyone’s favorite space!

It truly is WONDER-ful, because it has touched so many lives. We’ve had the freedom to enjoy it and I thought it was time to take idea of the Wonder-Basement, and our philosophy online to share with the world! So welcome to the WONDER-basement. Where glitter flies and people come together to do life.

Ingrid WB
“This is my Happy Place”, Ingrid L.

My red-headed woodpecker visits...

Tonya Dieterlen

I love every morning when I look out my dining room and kitchen windows, to see (my) this little bird, working up & down the branches of my sweet gum tree. Soon, I won't be able to see his workings every morning, the leaves will burst out into full greenery hiding all of his activities. While I can see him, I enjoy him SO much. He's quick and intent, focused on getting him some yummy, nutritious bugs!  I just delight in seeing him! And hearing him ....ratatattatt....ratattatt....ratattatt! 

Photo Cred: Jeff Dieterlen